Your simple path to your dream space.

We're excited to guide you through the rewarding process of owning and building one of our prefab living spaces. Here’s a step-by-step guide of the process.

Step 1: Place your reservation.

Our units are currently ready to ship from our warehouse on a first reserve, first serve basis. Secure your unit today!

We require a $500 refundable deposit* to secure your unit. This deposit will be applied towards the total purchase price and can be fully refunded within 45 days if you change your mind before shipment. Once you've made your reservation, we will provide you with detailed construction documents and an assembly manual, which will be instrumental in obtaining the necessary permits.

Step 2: Hire a contractor.

Next, you can hire your own contractor or leverage our network of experienced third-party contractors who are well-versed in installing our units. Our recommended contractors can assist with the permitting process and evaluate your land and provide an accurate cost estimate for the site work required to prepare for the installation.

Step 3: Complete your permit application.

Every city has its own set of permit application forms and requirements, and most situations require a building or systems permit for our models. 

Key things to know:

Our construction documents contain all the information needed to obtain a building permit.

You, your contractor, or consulting engineers/architects can provide any specific site-related information.

We'll assist you with any revisions, itemized responses, and communication with local building authorities to address any concerns.

The timeline for obtaining a permit typically ranges from 4 to 12 weeks and depends on your local building department's review process. 

Please know that application fees are payable to the city during the permit process. We recommend consulting your local building official to determine the permits necessary for your project.

Step 4: Site work and prep.

Once you have identified all the local requirements and obtained the necessary permits, it's time to prepare the site for installation.

Site work may include:

Installing underground utilities (electricity, water, sewer/septic).

Clearing the site of organic and non-organic materials
Creating a flat and leveled building surface.

Locating and marking footing locations (if purchasing our recommended foundation footings) or creating a foundation.

Step 5: Schedule delivery.

Once your site is ready or you have a confirmed completion date, let us know, and we'll schedule the delivery of your unit.

Here’s what to expect in your delivery: 

The Mini unit will be delivered on 6 pallets (4'x8').

The Studio unit will be delivered on 11 pallets (4'x8').

Each pallet is carefully tarped and weatherproofed for protection during transit.

At this stage, we will collect the remaining balance.

Step 6: Assemble.

Here’s the most exciting step! Our models can be assembled in 14 days or less. You'll receive detailed instructions and support from our team to assemble your unit safely and correctly.

Once complete, you’ll be ready to make it your own.

Want free shipping and assembly? Join the Pioneer Program.

For Southern California residents only: The Pioneer Program allows you to use our resources like our in-house architect for site-specific drawings and evaluation services. Plus, you get Free Shipping & Assembly.