Experience sustainable living.

At LIM Living, we set out with a bold mission: To help reduce the world’s carbon footprint by making sustainable living accessible and stable for everyone.
Here’s how we do it.

Embrace sustainable practices at every step.

We deeply care about our generation, future generations, and the well-being of our planet. That’s why we aim to set the bar for social and environmental responsibility as the leading sustainable Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) builder.

To achieve this goal, we focus on the following areas.

Adopt a carbon-smart approach

To minimize material intensity.

Promote circularity

To reduce waste.

Prioritize non-toxic materials

Through chemical avoidance-based policies.

Minimize the impact on the planet.

We select natural, recycled, and renewable materials, ensuring they are non-toxic, energy-efficient, and of the highest quality. The key is working with suppliers who responsibly source materials that align with our mission.

What we build with.

Let's explore a few of the key materials we incorporate into our living spaces, ensuring their sustainability and environmental impact.


Bamboo, a rapidly renewable grass, is vital in our units, forming the structural elements for walls, floors, roof panels, and interior cabinets. With its ability to sequester carbon and remarkable strength comparable to hardwoods and steel, our bamboo ensures stability and durability and prevents warping.

Natural Wool

We use natural wool in our products for sustainable production and numerous benefits. Wool enhances indoor air quality by absorbing chemicals and acting as a permanent air filter. It manages moisture, absorbs sound, provides thermal insulation, and remains breathable.


Cork flooring is a natural, renewable resource that does not harm trees during harvesting. Cork is a natural CO2 retainer, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat deforestation. Its flexibility provides comfort and is PVC-free, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

Recycled Paper

Our countertops are made from 100% recycled (post-consumer) paper, which helps resist abrasion, corrosion, and stains, and have a high impact resistance. With natural antimicrobial properties, paper countertops are easy to clean and maintain, providing a heat-resistant and Class A fire-rated surface.

Performance & Energy Efficiency

We prioritize energy efficiency by sourcing materials that are Energy Star rated and exceed building energy standards. By avoiding gas hookups, we reduce fossil fuel reliance. Our doors, windows, appliances, and insulation are individually designed for superior performance and insulation.

Join us as we step forward into a greener, cleaner tomorrow.

At LIM Living, sustainable design and eco-friendly materials are crucial to building safe, affordable, and environmentally conscious housing. We aim to minimize our environmental impact through a Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) to identify areas for improvement and set goals for further sustainability advancements. 

By continuously assessing and reducing our environmental footprint, we’re confident we’ll meet our goals of leading the way in green building practices.

See how we're building a sustainable future.