More space you love. Less waste on our planet.

Endless potential.

Take the guesswork and wait out of building your dream space. Get an easy-to-assemble and sustainable prefab ADU installed in about 14 days.

80 sqft

Meet the Carbon Mini

Big ideas happen in small spaces. The compact yet practical Mini is perfect for those looking for an expanded space like a backyard office, or a he/she shed for some quiet and ‘me’ time.

176 sqft

Meet the Quartz

Go from dreaming it to living it. The stylish and functional 176 sqft ADU includes a wet room, kitchenette and sleeping section. It’s ideal if you want a short-term rental property or guesthouse.

528 sqft

Meet the Argon

With the option for ADA accessibility and an expanded footprint, the Argon is our largest ADU to date. Just imagine the possibilities. From a backyard refuge to additional space for family, the possibilities are endless with this spacious unit.

Your space. Your way.

No idea is too small for your LIM Living ADU.
Here are just some of the things you can make
happen with your LIM Living model.

Make more room to get things done

Follow your passions with a backyard office,
craft workshop, or exercise room.

Build a new home close to home

Add a small and functional space for friends or
family to stay, or some needed ‘me’ time.

Add an extra income stream

Turn your model into a short or long-term rental
for new and old friends. 

Make sustainable housing more affordable

Use as an affordable way to provide housing
for underprivileged communities.

Building with the planet in mind.

Learn how LIM Living is helping to lower the world's carbon footprint
with our eco-friendly ADUs and commitment to sustainable living.


More smiling. Less surprises.

Getting your LIM Living model is refreshingly simple. Here’s how we
ensure a speedy and smooth experience from start to finish.

Step 1

Place your reservation to receive construction documents.

Step 2

File for all necessary planning approvals and building permits.

Step 3

Prepare the site for construction and delivery.

Step 4

Schedule your delivery.

Step 5

Assemble your model.

Ready to see what’s possible with LIM Living?

Get free shipping and assembly when you join the Pioneer Program.

Smaller footprint. Bigger impact.

Every decision is made with the environment and
people in mind, from design to assembly.

Protect your planet

Our models are built with only the essentials and without excess distractions. We carefully source sustainable materials to ensure they’re good for you and the environment.

Build yours faster

Each model is prefabricated in our warehouse and designed to easily and quickly snap together on-site. Minimal tools or construction knowledge is needed. 

Enjoy yours forever

Feel safe and secure every day in your LIM Living model.
They’re built to last and require less maintenance.

Let's build a healthier future together.

We're offering 10 spots for our Pioneer Program.
As a pioneer you get FREE SHIPPING AND ASSEMBLY on your model.

How to live the less is more life.

Explore our blog for expert advice, inspiration, and resources on sustainable living and minimalism. From eco-friendly home improvement tips to reducing your carbon footprint, our blog is your go-to destination for creating a more sustainable lifestyle.

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