Meet Slate.

Beautifully designed, eco-friendly apartments targeted specifically to community development and sustainable housing solutions.

Community development solutions that are beautifully designed, affordable, eco-friendly and fast & easy to build. Our modular, panelized units assemble seamlessly into apartments and villages that meet all building code requirements while positively impacting the people living in them and our planet.

Affordable Housing + Beautiful Design

We have designed a high-performance modular panelized system for building a wide range of community configurations that are quick to approve and easy to build. Our goal is to reinvent multifamily construction with the environment and smaller footprint in mind.

Exterior and structural features
  • 2X8 thick wall structure with ICC-ES certification meets the highest and safest energy and building standards
  • Sheep wool insulation provides excellent thermal insulation, improves air quality, help resist mold and mildew, and sound absorption
  • Engineered bamboo siding, deck and stairs for durability and low maintenance
  • Fiberglass entry door — one of the strongest and most energy efficient materials
  • Recycled content and LEED certified windows for added lighting and sustainability
  • Energy-efficient roof with 98% Solar Reflective Index
Interior finishes
  • Laminate flooring with a cork structure for a timeless style and waterproof base
  • Bamboo window sills and baseboards
  • Bamboo cabinets and spacious drawers for storage
Kitchenette features
  • 100% recycled paper countertops
  • 2 burner induction cooktop
  • Range hood with vent to exterior
  • Optional oven/microwave combo
  • Mini fridge with freezer
Wetroom features
  • TOTO wall-hung toilet
  • Sensored exhaust fan 
  • Medicine cabinet w/electrical outlet 
  • Waterproof floor & walls 
  • Slip resistant floors 
  • Shower head & sink faucet combo (dual purpose)
Mechanical and electrical features
  • HVAC mini-split unit for heating and cooling all year long
  • Water heater
  • Solar-ready
  • Energy-efficient exterior and interior LED lighting
  • Pre-wired for ethernet and electrical hookup 

Spaces to Love

With LIM Living units you can have spaces people love to live in while meeting sustainability goals and providing affordable housing.

Slate Apartments are for...

City councils looking for affordable housing solutions. NGO's addressing transitional housing solutions. Urban planners interested in eco-friendly, beautiful solutions. Departments of Housing and Urban Development who want a sustainable solution to the housing crisis.

Some Key Benefits

Panelized building system: Factory-built panels pre-installed with insulation, electrical, plumbing, fixture & windows. 

Easy to assemble & transport: Panel by panel assembly, no cranes or heavy equipment required. Easier to transport to challenging locations with limited access.

Shorter construction time: Assembly in days versus months compared to traditional construction approaches.

Prefabricated panels built in a controlled factory environment: Efficient manufacturing, reduced labor cost, enhanced quality control, minimized weather delays, and a significant reduction of construction waste at the site.

Building with integrity.

At LIM Living, we're proud to hold the certifications that guarantee our units are built to code and meet California's rigorous standards for structure, energy efficiency, and sustainability. When you choose LIM Living, you can trust in our commitment to quality and compliance.