Love your space in as little as 3 days.

One of the best perks of owning a LIM Living unit is how easy and fast it is to assemble and install on your own.

Skip waiting months of construction time or countless hours on a DIY project. With our intelligently designed panel system, every aspect of your unit is prebuilt and pre-finished in our factory for easy assembly on-site.

Simple DIY design

Our modular units consist of three types of panels: floor, wall, and roof. Each panel is a complete section with all the insulation, electrical, and finishings. For example, our Studio units even come with preassembled plumbing and waste systems that are easy to connect on-site without special skills or tools.

A complete space-in-one package

Our units include fixtures and equipment like a sink, cabinets, faucets, oven, mini fridge, HVAC, and water heater. We provide all the necessary hardware, fasteners, and a detailed assembly manual set with QR code video links for specific sections. Plus, if you need extra help, we're available by email at

Assembling Your LIM Living Unit.

Follow our detailed step-by-step installation guide to assemble our units in as little as 3 days to 14 days. Here's an overview of the process.

Set up foundation and site utilities

Approximate timeline: 1 day

Secure the foundation beams to the beam seats and footings, then prepare the electrical, water, and waste stubs into the proper locations/positions.

Set up the exterior

Approximate timeline: 4-7 days

Place and slide the floor panels together, then engage the latch on each side and screw them into place. Next, add the roof rails, zip tape, roof boards, roof membrane, HVAC, exterior lighting and cladding, deck and stairs, and electrical connections.

Set up the interior

Approximate timeline: 3-6 days

Start by connecting all the piping, installing the wetroom wall and floor, and attaching all the fixtures. Then lay the flooring, attach baseboards and ceiling trim, install the cabinets, water heater, and appliances, lay the countertop and backsplash, and add in the fixtures and closet.

The tools you need

We provide all the drill bits and uncommon tools you'll need, such as a 1/4" Magnized driver, #3 Philips driver, T-20, T-25, and T-30 drivers, 1/4" HEX Socket driver, 3/8" HEX Socket driver, Cabineo driver (Studio only), 7/32" T-Handle allen key, 1/16" Spacer shim, 1/8" Spacer shim, and a tape roller.

We also recommend basic tools like a cordless impact driver, rubber mallet, level, pry bar, adjustable wrench (Studio only), tape measure, caulking gun, step ladder, shovel, and extension ladder.

Your assembly options

Our minimalist design and standardized layouts make assembly easy enough for DIY enthusiasts, but we also offer the option of using a trusted contractor or one of our certified installers. They can even quote you for site work like ground leveling, trenching for electricity, plumbing, sewage, etc. Estimated assembly time is 7-10 days with a contractor and 7-14 days for DIY.

Don't forget about your permits

Please note that it is your responsibility to communicate with your local building authorities to determine if permits are required for your unit. In most situations, a building permit is required.

A smarter and sustainable way to live is built here.

Still have a few quesitons?

Here are some common answers to common questions.

Can I build the units myself?

Yes, our units are 100% doable without hiring multiple contractors. We've designed our units to be as DIY friendly as possible. In fact, you probably already have most of the tools you need to assemble it right now. 

Keep in mind that the products are prefabricated and will come in large pieces. Therefore, we recommend at least two helping hands to safely lift and assemble the heavier and larger pieces.

How fast can the units be assembled?

Most of the units can be assembled in 14 days or less.

What types of foundations are the most suitable for the units?

We recommend using pre-cast concrete footings, which are included with your purchase at this time.

Our units may also be installed onto a concrete slab. However, the mounting method of the foundation beams (also supplied with your purchase) will be different, and drilling and trenching may be required to install the piping for water, sewage, and the conduit for power hook-ups.

Your contractor will be able to determine the best work plan for installing the unit to suit the soil and dimensions of your backyard, and consult on a work plan for installing the unit onto a concrete slab. 

Are there any additional costs to putting a unit in my backyard?

Yes, there are additional costs outside of the purchase price of our units. Our upfront pricing does not include any sitework (such as utility connections, trenching, demolition, ground leveling, and foundation prep) and the cost of sales tax and permit fees.

Can the units be increased in size?

At this time, we are unable to modify the current layouts of our units. Our existing floor plans range from 80 sqft to 528 sqft.