The less-is-more philosophy

We believe that everyone can take better, more meaningful control of their life by adopting a lifestyle that puts living above consuming. This philosophy focuses on a more conscious lifestyle, choosing to rid of excess, and becoming more mindful of consumption habits. Shifting certain behaviors, such as focusing on function over form or choosing to consume less overall can help you get more out of life. Through our commitment to design and function, we strive to promote a socially and environmentally conscious lifestyle by way of smaller, more efficient living..

Our impact

Here at LIM Living, both people and planet are always top-of-mind in our design and sourcing processes.  We’re committed to building a business focused on reducing environmental impact through the entire supply chain, beginning with the careful sourcing of our materials and ending when you receive your new LIM Living products.

Our materials

We closely evaluate each material used in our products to ensure they are as clean as possible from known toxins and carcinogens. We’re sparing no effort to become healthier and more transparent all the time, and work closely with our suppliers to achieve that goal. We also strive to minimize carbon emissions and waste, so our decision-making process is data-driven as we assess its cradle-to-grave impact. We want to ensure that the materials we use are good for the environment and good for you.

A smarter and sustainable way to live is built here.