February is here, and if you're looking for a fresh start, why not begin with a clutter-free home? LIM Living has designed a month-long plan to help you bid farewell to chaos and welcome in a more serene, organized space as we continue to embrace the spirit of the New Year.

Pre-Decluttering: Set the Vibe

As we navigate through the second month of the year, make decluttering a joyful experience. Play your favorite tunes, light a scented candle (peppermint and lemon work wonders), and get those biodegradable trash bags ready. Sort items into trash, donation/resell, and keep boxes. Ready? Let's dive in!

Week One: Wardrobe Refresh

Monday: Sort through clothes— as organization expert Marie Kondo suggests, keep what sparks joy. Hang by type, facing one way. Once you wear them, reverse hangers for a visual clue to see which articles you care about at the end of the season.

Tuesday: Shoes—A plethora of shoes end up in landfills each year. Before tossing out your worn-out or no longer needed footwear, consider donating them to a shoe-recycling programs such as Got Sneakers or Soles 4 Souls. Help the planet and change someone's life. 

Wednesday: Jewelry—donate what you don't love and consider repurposing old family heirlooms into pieces you can wear day-to-day. 

Thursday: Accessories—hats, gloves, bags, etc. If it doesn't make you happy, let it go!

Friday: Kid's Wardrobe—donate outgrown clothes to those in need.

Weekend: Donate or sell items you've set aside.

Week Two: Kitchen/Bathroom/Laundry Love

Monday: Tackle cupboards and fridge. Make this a part of our regular cleaning routine. 

Tuesday: Kitchen drawers and cabinets—donate unused items like old pots, pans, cooking utensils, and smaller appliances sitting around.  

Wednesday: Cleaning supplies and linens—get rid of expired supplies. Replace them with green or homemade cleaners

Thursday: Bathroom cabinet—clear expired makeup and self-care supplies. You can refill old bottles at local centers. Find a center on Litterless.com.

Friday: Laundry room—sort through expired and unused cleaning products and ditch mismatched socks. 

Weekend: Dispose of items responsibly—donate, recycle, or upcycle - the right way!

Week Three: Office Organization

Monday: Books—sell or donate read or unused books.

Tuesday: Paperwork—shred and recycle old documents. Digitize files for a clutter-free future.

Wednesday: Bedroom—clear nightstands, under the bed, and dressers.

Thursday: Living room—declutter magazines and non-essentials. Be sure to check places such as bookshelves, end tables, and TV stands. 

Friday: Patio—involve the family in clearing old toys, games, and equipment sitting in your backyard. Donate or sell gently used items.

Weekend: Send boxes to donation or recycling centers.

Week Four: Garages, Basements, Attics Adventure

Monday-Friday: Pace yourself—get the family involved to make the process less daunting. These areas of the home are where we tend to store all of our unwanted items. Clear out unused items to make room for something meaningful.

Done! Embrace the New You in the New Year

As February unfolds, revel in your clutter-free home. Spend less time cleaning and more time focusing on what truly matters. Share your before and after photos on Instagram or send them to us at info@limliving.com!

February 01, 2024